Friday, September 19, 2008

Where The Fuck Is Mr. Brown?

As you may or for most of you may have not noticed; we haven't been blogging. Why? (for the seven regular readers of this site) I'm currently job seeking. So how about Noce posting? Ask him (actually don't..he'll ask you what he should write about and then do nothing about it!) I will tell you this much though: I will continue to blog (how much I do, I promise I will let know what to expect), but it will not be during the work day (once again, depends..if the job sucks, fuck it!). When I came up with the idea to start this shit, it was my contention to hopefully provide similar chicagoans with a forum to spew their A: hate B: sorrows or C: relate overall discontent with how we see things and the ways we would hope as logical self-owners to deal with these problems.

As part of my new ideals for Chicago Bull: If I was looking to read a Chicago sports blog, I would list this as the credentials for why I would want to read it; and this is what I hope we as your editor strive for:

A: To not provide with what you already know: We the writers, expect you as the readers to already know the breaking news. You probably don't check our site for breaking news. Therefore, we should provide you with bullshit jokes. I.E.:

-Joakim Noah has been suspended for 5 games for pot! He's hoping with this next batch of weed brownies to:

A: sit out for another 5 in hopes to catch up with Parental Control on MTV!
B: Speaking of MTV: Learn how Chris Brown decorates his crib with fashionable shit so that he might be up to par in case the producers come calling like they did with Kendall Gill!

-Where are they now? Chris Willaims: Rehabbing or sniffing coke with Gary Busey speaking about Freddic Mac? We'll give you 50-1 odds on the latter! You just never know with these Vanderbilt grads! They have some serious connections!

In other words, we'll probably give you our assertions from time to time as to what we think will happen; but at the same time, do you really look at us for analysis? FUCK NO! WHY WOULD YOU?! Granted, we are educated (though I may not prove it with my hold on grammar). But, as my new goal for this site, it's our aim to fuck with everything and everyone. We might be serious sometimes, but when you spend most of your time at McGee's on Sheffield and Webster taking fucking jager shots, it's hard to form full sentences.

For those that have been checking in with us, I promise to provide with above average jokes, and by that I mean 76%. At least I'm not to the point of pedding porn because I'm such a shitty writer like some people...


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