Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now For The Truth

Ok, now here's what really happened. I was released from my job in mid-September in 2008 becuase the Chicago Tribune is bankrupt. So I bounced between a couple jobs here and there until April 2009 when I got the job where I am employed to this day today.

I doubt you really give a shit, but I think me and Noce realized that spending more then half the day either commenting on blogs or figuring out what we wanted to post about wasn't making us money as sales reps.

Granted, I would still rather post stupid Chicago related sports bullshit then listen to what I need to rectify from my customers; but what makes more money?

Anyways, I'm back. I've spoken with Noce, and while he seemed like he would like to bring the 'Bull back, we'll see. What I can promise is that I'm going to go back in everyday starting on Monday. While I'd like to look back on what I missed in terms of posts, I may do that, but it would be few posts and done.

That being said, it amazes me how many people wonder what's happened to Bryant "Big Country" Reeves. We've received around 30 hits a day, and at least 50-66 percent of those searching for that talentless asshat. I guess irony directed them to my talentless attempt at humor.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

True Stories from the Graham Correctional Center...

It all started on a fun night back in October 2008. When you're an eight ball deep, it always seems like a great idea to steal that asshole's 1992 Mercury Cougar. I mean, fuck him; that car is a piece of shit! He should be so lucky to have me steal it and drive into lake shabbona 40 miles away. He gets the pay out on insurance! I get a good win.

That was until an unmarked DeKalb County Sheriff just decided to stick his nose into a perfectly fine ride at 95 mph. What an asshat. Mind your own business.

After a year and a half of making bones, getting boned, and eating shitty food I'm back damnit. And there's a lot I missed, apparently.

WAY TO GO, HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More to follow