Monday, December 10, 2007

Chicago To Orton: Put Down The Jack, We Want You In

After going over to Chicago Sports, I saw today's webpoll question which reads: Who do you want to be the #1 QB on Sunday; Brian Griese or Kyle Orton? Of the 5,500 votes cast, only 268had gone for Griese, or roughly 5%. It's obvious that Orton should get his chance with this season gone down the drain. But here's why I don't think it's good that he starts. Granted, I want him to start to, but I'm playing Devil's Advocate here because there are some things will not be the same come 2008.

1: TEAM HAS ALREADY GIVEN UP ON THE SEASON: It's not like Berrian has been running his routes hard or fully the past two games; now imagine what they're going to look like. If you answered "about as hard as Ditka can get without Cialis" then you're right. You've just won a free two pill sample. Adrian Peterson will play hard because he's auditioning as well, but his two deep threats will be uninterested. Bradley will probably get hurt, and Rashied Davis has done nothing all year. Speaking of do nothing all year, that's what you'll get from what's left of the o-line. Terrence Metcalf blocks people as well as a 5 year asian boy on a unicycle (dont ask where that came from, I'm kinda disturbed by it too.) Basically, Orton is going to be running for his life, and this performance will give you a brief idea, but not the whole picture.

2: A BAD STRING OF PERFORMANCES FROM ORTON COULD BRING BACK REX: That's all we need; What happens if Orton goes in for the last few games and absolutely blows? Lovie will have visions of Good Rex running through his head, and petition Angelo to resign him another year. Has Rex played better? Yes. Should he come back? No. Why go through another year of what's already happened? What good does it do to bring him back? It seems more like regression then progression to me. Let the Rex era be over and done with. Let him move on.

I'll add more on to this in a little bit...hang on

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