Saturday, December 1, 2007

NFL Week 14: Cold as a Russian Winter

It's officially football season in Chicago, as the first snowfall of the year occurred today. It was a good little white out view from my window for almost three hours, but the snow has subsided and only the cold chilling wind remains. Alright, enough with the Walt Whitman critique of the climate in Chicago. Here's my take on the games for this week, and I have money riding on the game so this week really means something other than just dominating Dr. C.

Atlanta @ St. Louis: 20-12 Rams

Buffalo @ Washington: 27-24 Redskins

Detroit @ Minnesota: 24-20 Vikings

Texans @ Titans: 23-17 Titans

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis: 31-20 Colts

NY Jets @ Miami: 19-10 Dolphins

San Diego @ Kansas City: 34-20 Chargers

Seattle @ Philadelphia: 26-20 Eagles

San Francisco @ Carolina: 16-10 49ers

Cleveland @ Arizona: 30-10 Browns *If you have any brains at all and $20 or more to put down, take advantage of the (-1) spread on the Cleveland Browns and bet HEAVILY*

Denver @ Oakland: 26-17 Broncos

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans: 27-17 Saints

NY Giants @ Chicago: 24-20 Bears

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh: 30-21 Steelers

New England @ Baltimore: 38-13

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