Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holy Shit! A New Post?!?!

Yeah, I know, me and Noce have been completely lazy. I mean we didn't even do our damn picks last week, outside of the Houston-Denver game which Noce threw up about 5 minutes before the game started. Here's the convo:

Noce: Are we doing our picks

Me: Damn it, I completely forgot..who's playing again?

Noce: Houston and Denver

Me: (pause)...I guess 17-13 Broncos.

So in other words, we've been completely mailing it in (no shit, really?). Well, if you think about it, what good things have there been for me to post about which are worth your time reading? The Bears shit ass season is finally mathetically over, the Bulls are awful, and Hawks have dropped several games like a young team usually does at some point in the season. I could go on rants cursing out everyone from Fred Miller to Ben Wallace (Fuck both of you) but I think if you're a fellow Chicago sports fan, you've exhausted every known expletive the english language encompasses. I have a few ideas for interesting posts I'll be turning out soon, but I've decided quality is better then quantity. With that said, thanks to everyone who has been checking us out during this terrible year that was Chicago sports in 2007. I'm sure I'll throw a few more posts up before the end of the year, but in case something comes, Merry Christmas motherfuckers!!

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