Tuesday, March 11, 2008

311 Day Continued - Is that...Shaq?

As I'm sitting at work counting down the minutes until I can get the fudge outta here, I decide to watch some more 311 videos, in the spirit of the day and all. So I click on You Wouldn't Believe and begin to listen to the song, not watching the video.

All of a sudden like halfway through I hear basketballs dribbling and I'm like "WTF?" so I click back on it and...check it out.

Shaq? What the hell is he doing in a 311 video, besides picking up the band members and tossing them around as if they were little rag dolls? Is this what 311 meant by You Woudln't Believe? As in, you'll never figure out how we got Shaq to appear in a video?

I wonder how the two crossed paths. Did they have the same marijuana hookup back then? Or was Shaq really a fan of their music?

I'm gonna go noodle with this one...

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