Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Postseason Rematch Tonight: SIU vs. Oklahoma St.

Most of you won't give a flying fuck about this rather seeming less 1st round match-up in the NIT tonight. However, this is all about revenge for me. Oklahoma State delivered the knock-out blow to my beloved Salukis 3 years ago almost to this date in the NCAA's 85-77 thanks in part to James "PissOnBoise" Curry. And also to players like Joey Graham and Ivan McFarlin. What are they doing now? Curry's in the NBDL pissing on everything in sight, Joey Graham is working at a 7-11 and McFarlin is addicted to crack. In fact I gave him a dollar on the Michigan Ave. Bridge just the other day to help him get his next fix.

Anyways, if you have nothing to watch tonight, I invite you to watch as the game will be on ESPN2 at 8pm CST. Fuck, what else are you going to watch? The play-in game? Fuck that. WifeSwap? Please.

On a sidenote, I still have not paid Noce his 54 Mexican Pesos I owe him for fucking Purdon't choking on dick. I will never again bet on or root for Purdon't. I also I owe him a pack of Camel lights. The tab continues to grow.

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