Monday, March 24, 2008

A Quick Explanation on the Pissed Statement

Well, the Cubs starting rotation has been named, with Marquis getting 5th spot, Dempster getting the 3rd, and Lieber heading to bullpen. Even though it's documented with our favorite tag of "Fuck the Cubs" we're not exactly in cahoots with the north side, that's what I would have hoped for as a Cubs fan. I was thinking about posting on it, but after some thought, thats about all there is to besides a besides the usual outrage about how Lieber is sooooo much better (No he is not you fucking crybabies, you have your choice between vanilla and vanilla with sprinkles, it's all the fucking same.) Also, Kerry Wood will be the closer for the next four games until he's shut down for the year.

Instead, I thought you would like to know what
inspired the WE'RE PISSED sentiment. For that, let's roll back the clock to the spring of 2003 on the campus Southern Illinois University Carbondale...

During this time, the faculty was on the brink of a contract strike which would have been cool for no classes for a while, but sucked when I would have to pay for another semester when I didn't have to in the first place. Anyways, there's plenty of protests going on at this time for the University to finally open up the check book.

Me, spending 98% of days completely stoned to the bejesus belt, decided to attend class for some odd reason, most likely being that I:
A: Had nothing to watch on TV for the next hour
B: Had already played Madden 02' for such a disgusting amount of time that felt compelled to do something that made it look like I gave a shit or
C: Said what the hell, I'll go

Anyways, upon returing back to the dorms, or Vertical Africa as we called it, I saw some of the picketers out in front of one of the buildings on the path back to my weed layer/dorm. Nothing special, just some tools and some TA's walking around with some signs...until the greatest sign ever unveiled at a protest was unleashed to my glassy eyes...the sign contained only two words, but perfectly summed up everything one could assume of the situation: WE'RE PISSED.

I fucking fell to the ground laughing for a good 2 minutes. Sheer genius. Plenty had signs with little jabs and barbs, but nothing really hit home like WE'RE PISSED. I still laugh as I write this. And when I told Noce the story, I decided to do a reeanctment here for the weekend. Granted, it is nowhere near as funny it still gave me and Noce a laugh that we posted it.

Speaking of Southern, I'm on my way down there this weekend, so I'm sure I'll have some good stories to share with you which will most likely involve:

- Me getting blacked out drunk telling an 19-year old I make six figures in the hopes to wake up in said Vertical Africa once more;
- Quatro's Pizza, the gem of Carbondale,
- Me contemplating the risk vs. reward of punching someone in the mouth becuase the Jack Daniels is egging me on.

More to follow soon

(PS: For those wondering, that's Eastern Illinois in the background of the picture above...and I would have shot myself in the face if I went there)

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