Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why Do We Need Another Benson??

Is anyone actually optimistic about the idea of adding Chris Brown? I was on the Tribune's sports section when I read on Vaughn McClure semi-blog that the Bears are currently kicking the tires on the former Naperville North standout after they talked with him last year.

At that time, Brown decided to re-up with the Titans for 1.8 million. Although he only got 102 carries thanks to LenDale "Get in my belly" White, he still managed 462 yards and 5 TD's. His best year was 2004 when he broke the 1,000 yard barrier and had a ypg of 4.9, which is amazing compared Benson's 3.4.

It's fucking stunning to me that Benson only managed 674 yards. Fuck is he awful.

The point is this: Brown and Benson offer similar running styles. Does anybody else see how Brown fits in? If the Bears do sign Brown, it will obviously signal this: No Rashard Mendenhall. And if you ask me, that's fine. Do I want Mendenhall wearing an orange C on his helmet? Fuck and yes. However, Mendenhall will not be worth the pick if he has no one to run behind. Let me repeat that. He's fucked without a decent line.

I was listening to The Score recently when Zach the Ginger Zaidman was on, and he has a feeling the Bears will wait to pick up some more Roberto Garza types that get waived later in the offseason. I don't know about you, but when I hear Roberto Garza, I get echoes of awesomeness penalty flags in my head. Why do we need another fucking washed up fatass falling over? Do really need to call Stan Thomas back?

I'm really hoping the Bears can pull someone like Ryan Clady or Sam Baker. Someone who will fucking maul Aaron Kampman for years to come. As much as the Bears need offensive weapons, they need to cover the terrorist's ass so he can make some passes to a shitty receiving corp.

The second round is where I think they might go receiver or another O-line depending on their draft board.

So I ask you this: What do you think is the most valuable need at this point?

Their fucking offense is going to blow either way, I think.

BallHype: hype it up!

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