Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy 311 Day

That's right folks, today is 3/11, which means it's officially 311 Day. I'm kinda upset it took me until 12:30 to realize this, but what are you gonna do? Also, the fact that it took a fax from our finance department displaying the date to make me realize that today was even 3/11 made it all the more funny, because I'm sure that's what the band had in mind when they conceived the idea for 311 Day.

If you're still reading and clueless to what 311 Day means, it's got a lot to do with the band called 311. In fact, it pretty much has everything to do with them because they created the fucking concept.

Right now they are rocking it out in New Orleans all day long while I'm stuck at my office wishing I was at home "celebrating" with a bong and day of couching.

Bye the way, why the fuck must everything be held there now? How long does it take for their economy to be "boosted" by all the shit that goes on there?

Oh yea, I already went to college.

Now before you go all "Do you know how I know you're gay?" on me for promoting 311, kiss my ass ok, I happen to enjoy their music. While they do have some gay songs (All Mixed Up, Love Song, I'll Be Here a While), they are a great live show and have plenty of hard-rocking jams, my favorite being either Omaha Stylee or You Wouldn't Believe.

In a tribute to the song that first gave the band some attention, here's a video of Do You Right off their uber-creative 1993 CD titled "Music". I watched the video and decided to do a little breakdown of the highligts, ala My Brain Says Rage, but this time not with gay country music.

Hey check it out, MTV didn't suck quite yet, and actually still played music!

The beginning of the video appears to be set in the Midwest, maybe in Nebraska, which is where the original band members are from. Eventually they moved out to L.A., because who the fuck is going to make it famous saying they're from Nebraska?

:19 - These two look like a gayer version of Jay and Silent Bob, sort of a Ray and Mexican Rob. Bonus points for the Starter jacket though.

:21 - Oh, we're in California now! That was quick. Let's look at the ocean like a bunch of Daniel Larussos.

:31 - Snapping ≠ dancing. Neither does bouncing or pretending to surf while bouncing.

:35-1:07 - Why so shirtless? Seriously, why?

1:10 - What the fuck? A Green Bay Packers hat and a L.A. Kings jacket? In the jungle? I guess you need to be high to understand. And more "surf dancing"?

1:12 - Stop touching the monkeys

2:18 - From "surf dancing" to the "pretend handshake" dance. I can't decide which one is worse. All this while Mexican Pablo dances in the background with his back to the camera.

2:40 - I'm beginning to question whether this song was written for a girl or a dude, so much man chest going on here.

2:46 - 'We're freestylin'

2:56 - Ok, now everyone in the band has officially been shirtless at one point in this video. So gay. I wonder who's the bread and who's the meat in the band? Wait...yea I still wonder.

3:35 - And they end with some more "surf dancing"

After careful consideration, I've concluded that the song is 10000 times better than the video. But cut them some slack, in 1993 they were still trying to find their niche in the rock world.

Either way, I still like them and will gladly take on criticism from people who think they're "too cool" to enjoy their music.

Happy 311 Day ya bastards.


theoriginaljd said...

311 is a great fuckin live band.

Oh and I bet Detroit wishes they were built underwater because that city could use some economic revival - although I'm not sure a giant crack smoking ceremony at an abandoned Ford plant would bring in the big guns.

aa said...

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