Thursday, July 3, 2008

He Gone? White Sox ponder announcer Jackson's future

Just when I was finally coming to terms with the nightly trainwreck that White Sox broadcaster Darrin Jackson calls "work", the Sox are going to up and oust him from his perch inside Ken "Hawk" Harrleson's nest and replace him with Chicago's go-to baseball guy: Steve Stone.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting today that the Sox have yet to announce whether they plan on picking up an option for DJ, who has actually made it through nine seasons of White Sox baseball defending his anemic .257 batting average every chance he gets.

DJ is supposed to be the "color" guy (not colored guy you racist assholes) but he often loses his train of thought during one of his pointless diatribes and reverts back to aimlessly stumbling over even the most pedestrian statistical references.

Jackson and Hawk, notorious homers, have been known to go long portions of innings without uttering a word, and when DJ finally tries to interrupt the awkward silence, he usually says retarded things like his thoughts on how the DH allows pitchers to throw inside more to lefties during home games.

DJ also has managed to change his manner of speaking to imitate Hawk's Southern draw and it only makes him that much more annyoing, especially when he opens the broadcast with his patented "Howdy folks" line. It's usually at that point when I chug an entire beer to get myself towards his level of thinking.

I think Stone would be a nice change of pace to DJ's usual pointless banter because Stone does have a lot of knowledge about the game. I worry that he and Hawk will have a lot of bumps in the road along the way though, because both are very opinionated people and Hawk can be somewhat of a jackass at times.

I'm curious to see how this will all play out, because I know that Hawk does like DJ and they do have the power to say whatever they want on air, at least it seems like it because they talk about some stupid shit sometimes, so if this turns into and ugly feud you might hear some of Hawk or even DJ's thoughts on the matter during another meaningless Brian Anderson at bat.

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Dr. Oh No Romo said...

Damn, I remember when Hawk and DJ started feuding early on. They've come a long way.



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