Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vote For Your Favorite All-Stars Like...Jerry Owens?

I have exercised my right as a United States citizen to vote one time. I was 18 when I cast my ballot for some local primary race. I had no clue who I voted for, who they were, what they stood for...nothing. I voted simply because I could. I have not voted since, mainly because I could give a fuck less who runs this country.

Now ask me to vote on something like the MLB All-Star game, and I'm all for it. Early and often, as the term goes. So being on the internets, I felt it necessary to be a good homer and vote for my favorite White Sox players. I even voted for a couple Cubs players on the NL side.

When I got to the ballot, the AL side was first. Let's see here, I'll go A.J. (click), Justin Morneau (click), and so on till I got to the outfielders. Ok, I definitely want Dye (click). Hmm...I guess I'll go Manny (click). Alright, Quentin...Quentin...Quentin...

Not there. At all.

While does not approve of Carlos Quentin, it did have the obligatory three White Sox players. You see, has fucking had it with this slow ass station-to-station hit home runs or don't score at all product on the south side.

They want excitement. They want speed. They want...Jerry Owens.

That's right, a man who hasn't played in the majors this year.

19 HR's and 61 RBI's? Garbage. A man with a bad groin? That's entertainment.

Granted, you can write Quentin's name in, but fuck, get with the times I hope someone got fired for this bonehead error, or at very least had to sit through every Juan Uribe at-bat...I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

BallHype: hype it up!


Jeeves said...

It wasn't an error. The ballots are done up during Spring Training based on the projected lineups. Owens would have started the season in the starting lineup had he not been injured (thank God he was), which is why he's on the ballot and not Quentin.

They do it so easy, mainly due to the paper ballots they print out. It would be easy enough to change on the Internet, but I guess they want them to match the paper ballots which have to be ordered well in advance.

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