Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Buehrle's 1,000th Strikeout Was Technically Difficult

Mark Buehrle as it stands probably ranks as my fourth favorite White Sox player of all-time, behind Robin Ventura, Frank, and Paulie. So as he approached the milestone of 1,000 strikeouts, I was excited to watch. That is, until Buehrle threw a pitch so complex, so amazing, so astounding, that Comcast simply imploded upon his 80 mph of fucking sickness. That's right. No one in Chicago saw it happen. If it were his 3,000th strikeout I would have been really pissed. Problem is, he'll never reach that. Buehrle is not a strikeout pitcher. It's quite the stretch to imagine he'll even hit 2,000. He's already pitched over 1,700 innings in 9 years of work.

It really would have pissed me off if this happen in the last at-bat of his no hitter last year. And really, it's something that'll even if I did see it, I would most likely forget it. But it would have been nice to see a pitch so good that it collapsed a cable broadcast for 30 seconds.

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