Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mike North Fired

The Bookie Priest who is the worst handicapper I've ever heard. Stat Man. Stella around the Town. Kudos of the day. Jagbag. Not knowing the correct names of opposing pitchers. 98% of the time, utter stupidity. That's what I had to look forward to when I woke up for work.

Not anymore.

Mike North has been handed the pink slip by WSCR 670 the Score. When I awoke on Monday morning, I had the sniveling voices or Mully and Hanley telling me to either immediately get up or hit the snooze. That's when I knew it was probably over.

North is a guy who you either love or hate. There's no inbetween, and for awhile, I was not a fan of his. I just couldn't stand him. But after getting tired of yawn and yawn in the morning's I'm a fat tough guy and he's the skinny metrosexual wuss schtick, I went back to North. And I loved it. Someone who actually had some personality, whether you agreed with it or not.

You know Chicago's biggest blowhole had this article penned about about 2 or 3 weeks ago when the radio ratings were released, and showed North was way down against yawn and yawn in the morning. And for only the second time in my life, I actually found myself agreeing with some the joke's points. Yes, he is crude and offensive. Yes, he sometimes sounds like a complete idiot. Yes, he sometimes makes me wonder what the fuck he's rambling on about.

That's why I listen. Becuase it's not prepackaged Disney bullshit with a hint of sports. It's not role playing. It simply is North, for better or worse. Take it or leave it. You don't have to listen to him if you don't want to. I'm going to miss the wwwwwoah button being hit on Monica DeSantis when she fucks up the traffic report, or when Jen-Jen miss pronounces something. Speaking Jen-Jen, let's have her up here. There. That's better.

Though it appears he may be signing on with WLS, I know this much for sure:

A: If the Score moves Laurence Holmes from my drive home on the ME show to the 10-12 spot vacated by Mully and Hanley, I will be extremely pissed...and
B: I will be leaving my CD player on in mornings for now.

BallHype: hype it up!


stalkingerinandrews said...

I think I'll miss Jen Jen the most. The voice was a bit annoying, but damn is she hot.

Sean said...

Love him. I agree 100%. I'll definitely miss the morning show. Hopefully he catches on somewhere else in the mornings. I think the people that couldn't stand him actually took his sports opinions to heart and didn't understand that most of the stuff he says is to stir it up or offer a "contrarian" viewpoint. I think he's one of the best interviewers out there. He asked tough questions but also asked the unexpected and less boring questions.

Noce said...

I also love North - he's hilarious and when they're not at commercial or doing the updates, the chemistry between the three is amazing. I'd pay good money for a night w/ Jen Jen too...oh the things I'd do to her

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