Monday, June 30, 2008

Get Your Gulbricking Ass Out of My Beach Community, Lebowski

Some jackass Cubs fan caught Carlos Quentin's homerun in the fourth inning last night, and decided to throw it back on the field. Upon doing so, security gladly came down and informed him that we don't tolerate that shit on the south side. He was ejected. White Sox fans rejoiced, and then back to the ass kicking on the field. Talk about a satisfying series after last weekend. You take 3, we take 3. Everyone can go home happy.

Back to the more important things such as cushioning the game and a half lead in the Central. The Sox play seven at home this week (3 with Cleveland, 4 vs. Oakland) start with Gavin Floyd tonight.

The Cubs are in San Francisco for 4 games, then to St. Louis for the weekend. That is all for now. Dr. C + Smoke break = Good idea


stalkingerinandrews said...

Did you see the Mets fan who threw back an A-Rod foul ball? Now that guy's either a seriously dedicated Mets fan, or a seriously dedicated dumbass. I vote for option B.

Andy said...

I'm a Cubs fan...but at least keep the damn thing and give it to a Sox fan around you for a couple of beers...damn.

bustoff said...

They should have thrown that dumbass onto the field to get the ball back.

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Anonymous said...

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