Thursday, June 5, 2008

Movies Under 10 Dollars You Should Own..Or At Least Watch

Alright, we haven't really followed up on this one, but for some reason this morning on the train I found myself doing the Karl voice saying, "You ought not talk like're just a boy". And if you just did the voice in your head as well, pat yourself on the back, you're a fucking american. Anyways, For those of you that apparently includes Noce, I highly recommend the movie Sling Blade. Billy Bob Thornton (who won the Oscar for best actor in 97'for this movie) gives easily the best performance of his otherwise horrible career (Bad Santa is absolved of any wrong doing).

I'll be honest, the movie is not for those who enjoy a quick pace. I got recommended to watch by my uncle, and after the first 30 minutes I sat there thinking Something...fucking...happen. You must be patient. And the reason you must be patient is Dwight Yoakam character of Doyle Hargraves. I had no idea the motherfucker could act this good.

Before I get into Doyle, here's a brief background on the plot. Billy Bob Thornton plays Karl Childers, a slow man who killed his father when he was younger with (you guessed it) a sling blade. A sling blade is some hick fucking term for a lawnmower blade. Moving on, Karl gets released from the looney bin, and befriends a boy played by Lucas Black (whoever the fuck that is).

Alright, now back to Doyle. Doyle is the boy's mother's boyfriend with a mean streak and is a constant drunk. The performance he gives is awesome. Especially the part later on in the movie when you get to meet Doyle's shitkicker band. Holy fuck that's great. Here's a snippet, and keep in mind the character Terence is in a wheelchair:

Doyle: Now get the fuck out now before I get too mad to turn back!
Terence: What about our instruments?
Doyle: Come here, you little prick. Come here, you little fucking prick!
[Wheels him right into the door]
Doyle: Get out! All y'all, get the fuck out! Come on, you motherfuckers!
[Nobody moves]
Doyle: Get the fuck out! Randy, you tuning son of a bitch, go fucking practice, Randy!
[Noody moves]
Doyle: Come on, Morris, you fucking genius, get the fuck up and get the fuck out of here, Goddammit!

Just great. Like I said, it's a really good movie. If don't buy it, at least watch and tell me what you think

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