Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Teddy KGB vs. Ed Farmer Feud Continues...

About two and half weeks ago, we informed you about fights within the White Sox locker room involving players and even various members of the media through our source inside the White Sox. As Noce commented:

The fight w/ Teddy G and "Farmio" as he is apparently called is because Greenstein was ripping into Farmer's broadcast skills with his new partner Steve Stone. Apparently Farmio didn't appreciate the constructive criticism and told Teddy he could put his yamakah up his blue-blooded ass. I guess Teddy stood his ground and now they legitimately hate each other.

I have not seen anything about in print from Teddy. That is, until today in his ranking of Chicago's broadcasters:

Sox radio: B (last year: D)

If you can't work with Stone, you can't work with anyone.

It took Farmer some time to realize that the star of his broadcast team was sitting next to him. He apparently had grown so accustomed to trampling over Chris Singleton that it became a habit.

More and more, Farmer seems to get it.

(On Stone) And he's unpredictable. After a catcher was nicked by a foul tip, his leg possibly going numb, Stone invoked the name of Barry ("Tryin' to get the Feeling") Manilow.

Too bad Farmer stepped on his punch line.

Ok, it's not Mariotti vs. Ozzie, but Teddy certainly did get his jab at Farmer in. The Sox look to sweep the Bucs today at 1 with pregame coverage on at 12:30. While I don't expect Farmer to say anything in the pregame about it, I have a feeling he might find a way to address it at some point soon during one of the broadcasts. If anyone happens to be listening to the game on the radio and hears something, let us know at

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stalkingerinandrews said...

Is Teddy G trying to get on everyone's bad side? He's at war with Mike North, too.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what his story is lately. I guess that would leave Mac, Jurko and Harry as the only ones he hasn't started shit with. On a side note, it will be interesting to see Mully and Hanley take North's morning show starting July 1st or 2nd