Friday, June 20, 2008

My Boy Got Paid!!!

I own one Chicago Bears jersey, and you're looking at it to the right. I had an Urlacher jersey a couple years ago, but I gave to a friend because well...the Miller Lites finally caught up to me. But that is neither here nor there (pick up vegeatables..and no that is not a typo, that's how Andy Dick pronounces it). Docksquad via the Chicago Tribune have found the McCaskey's finally opening up their billfold to pay Tommie Harris a deal worth 40 million over the next 4 years with 18 of that guaranteed.

Thank..fucking..god. As David Haugh points out, this leaves deals that still need to be reached for Devin Hester and of course, #54.

It will be interesting to see how much Urlacher is going to demand now that they've paid top money in the NFL to a position player.

Here's some probabilities that could play out over the summer:

- Hester gets his contract settled within the next month..complete shot in the dark here: 3 years, 21 million, 12 of that guaranteed. Because of this, Urlacher is going to get vocal in the media. The two sides won't agree to terms, Urlacher is even more of a sour ass then usual all season long.

- Urlacher and the Bears reach an agreement just before training camp starts with a deal that both sides know will be reworked just so he will shut up.

- Both players go unsigned; unrest is everywhere including Zimbabwe.

- Kyle Orton finishes a bottle a jack, stumbles into Jerry Angelo's office. Pisses on his fake palm tree and states: givem some fffuckin' pancakes...beetch.

Hard to say how long it will take, but I like the odds on the last scenario. Maybe not Jerry Angelo's office, but perhaps an apartment in Wicker Park..stay tuned.

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