Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Little Bit On Everything

No I'm not dead. I've been in god awful all day meetings for the past 3 days, so to break the drought I'm just going to offer some thoughts on what's been going on. First off, I put this picture up because I'm not a huge Brian Anderson guy. Nothing I have against him, just not sure that he's really going to do anything in the majors consistently enough to earn a spot in the outfield. That being said, I fully appreciated his effort on going for the triple last night in the 12th inning. As Hawk said during the game, it took a perfect throw to nail him, and that's what the Royals got. If he makes it you have one out and a runner on the third. My kudos of the day goes to BA for that one.

I managed to stay up to the 13th before I finally decided that if I stayed up to watch them lose I would have been really pissed. Sox need to sweep tonight heading into the 3 game series with Minnesota that they need to keep morale going. With all the shit that's been going on they need it.

We have an excellent source in their lockerroom (I'm seriously not shiting you), and I guess there's been plenty of fights in there as late, including the media as well. The combatants? Teddy Greenstein from the Tribune and Sox play-by-play man Ed Farmer. I'll have to get details on what happened, but that's seriously funny.

The fucking Penguins shit the bed as I hoped they would not have, and now Noce is 20 dollars richer as a result. After watching them pretty closely during the postseason, I was convinced they had enough offense to over come the Red Wings. Not so. Fuck you Pittsburgh.

While I was watching the Sox game, I also flipped on the Cubs from time to time. Lilly had a mean change-up working. I love the fact that he came into season with a slow start and all the Cubs were calling for him to get traded on the Sports Am talk shows. How do you feel about that now? Well, streaks over douchebags. Back to reality.

NBA Finals Predictions: So I've been in a bad luck streak with betting Noce, and that will probably continue going into the NBA as well. I bet Noce during the before the Conference semifinals that the Lakers wouldn't win it all. I get Spurs, Pistons, and Celtics for 10 bucks, he gets the Lakers for 20.

I fucking hate Boston. But for the next week and a half, (sigh) Go Celtics. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wash my mouth and fingers with soap.

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Noce said...

The fight w/ Teddy G and "Farmio" as he is apparently called is because Greenstein was ripping into Farmer's broadcast skills with his new partner Steve Stone. Apparently Farmio didn't appreciate the constructive criticism and told Teddy he could put his yamakah up his blue-blooded ass. I guess Teddy stood his ground and now they legitimately hate each other. Go Sox!