Thursday, August 7, 2008

50,000 And Counting...

As of 5pm today, Chicago Bull has now reached 50,000 people and counting. We'd like to thank everyone who has ever given us a link, or answered questions when we first started this thing last September. It's been alot of fun to do and even if we get lazy and don't post for a day or two, we try to post something worth your time when we do. That said, we'd like to specifically thank the following:

- Jennifer Walcott, who drives more everyday traffic in then any other picture we've ever posted
- Long Wang's parents, who were cruel enough to name their own child Long nowing what their last name was anyways.
- West Coast Kid from FanIQ for helping us from the first question we asked
- Doug Sheckler for his help as well.
- MBSR for A: inspiring us to be complete pieces of shit that lead to us being the target of hatred from some cleft lip activists for a month (seriously, sorry you people took offense to me making a joke you sensitive about needing a stiff upper lip...ouch) and B: making us laugh our asses off.

Finally, thanks to all of you reading Chicago Bull. We hope you continue to come by while I call Juan Uribe a piece of shit and think of ways to describe how awful Trumaine McBride is.

PS: Thank you Juan for playing a great 3rd base recently. No I'm actually being honest, you're out of my dog house for right now, enjoy it while you can.


Mr. CleƤn said...


Thanks for the laffs, you filthy hobos. Wishing you 50,000 more, real soon.

Now go post something else, you cocksucking boozebags.

Mr. Clean

Rae Carruth's Trunk said...

Good stuff as always, especially when you suck our dicks. And the Metallica stuff will be finished by September 12th.

Anonymous said...

At least it's not a dog's dick unlike half the fucks who end up on your site

Mac G said...

Congrats Dr. C on 50Ks. Since you are a sox fan, I would hook you up with some good meth as a present but my dealer just got booted from his trailer! JK, I have no beef with the Sox. I met Nick Swisher last spring at a wedding. Dude is a stud so I have been rooting for him all season. later brah.

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