Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Official 2008 Bears Preseason Drinking Game!

1. Anytime the Bears lose yards: 2 drinks
2. Grossman/Orton incomplete: 1 drink
3. Any Special Teams TD: 1 beer
4. Bears Offensive TD: 1 Beer
5. Bears Defensive TD: 2 Drinks (because that's more likely to happen)
6. Any shots of Ron Turner in the booth: 2 drinks
7. If he looks puzzled when they show him: 1 beer
8. Any third down play where a draw is run: 4 drinks
9. Bears Offense goes three and out: 4 drinks
10. Forte breaks a tackle (breaking Benson's career total): 1 drink per occurance
11. Bears Sack: 2 drinks
12. Any time you heard the words Mike Hass: 3 drinks
13. Any Mike Hass catches: 5 drinks
14. Mike Hass TD: 2 beers, and don't you fucking short him one sip.

BallHype: hype it up!


Anonymous said...

someone's gonna die playing this game

Anonymous said...

Which brings us to our public service announcement: Don't drink and drive!

Noce said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noce said...

unless you own a lamborghini of which case, I strongly urge you to get black out drunk and pretend I-88 is lap 199 of the Indy500

Anonymous said...

An entire beer for every time Ron Turner looks confused? Are you trying to kill us?

Noce said...

We probably should have accounted for the fact that 10-15 beers is an average night of drinking for us(we're still in college mode even though it's been 2 years), but ah fuck it just go with it.

aa said...

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