Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend Send-Off: In Which Noce Eats His Words For Trying To Look Cool

This would be Bullet For My Valentine covering Sanitarium. Back at the end of January, I put up their new single at the time because I like them. Well, today Noce says to me, you know who I kinda like? Bullet For My Valentine. Yeah, that's right. The second link was his post following mine for the BFMV song.

And now he likes them. After calling them gay. So I guess that makes Noce gay.

Punk. Have a good weekend fuckfaces, and don't forget to take the tourniquet off your arm after shooting up. Wouldn't want to lose your arm after you doze off, now would you?


Noce said...

It's true. I'm just a little bi-curious.

Anonymous said...

Ah, damnit. We got another one.