Wednesday, August 13, 2008

For Some Reason, The 08-09 Blackhawks Slogan Bothers Me

One Goal.

Granted, I think it's pretty good. It's a statement that shows management is finally committed to returning Lord Stanley's cup to where it belongs. With everything that Rocky Wirtz and John McDonough have been doing, it's very fitting. My problem lays within the new radio ad campaign I've been hearing 670 the Score. It goes something like this with the voices of Johnny Toews and Adam Burrish:

"I want to score so many goals this year, the crowd needs sunlights. So many goals, that the light burns out..."

I think you catch my drift. So what do you follow all of that talk up with? Blackhawks hockey. One goal.

I just fucking heard a myriad of goal statements, but all they're going to score in their fucking home opener on Monday, Oct. 13th is one goal?

How about the talk of what that one fucking goal is? Hoisting the trophy for first time since '61?

Your casual 'Hawks fan (and I use the word casual very lightly here) still doesn't know the team, or give a shit about this mostly forgotten franchise. I know there's more buzz about the team for this upcoming season then there has been '93, but please, for the love of fuck start thinking about how your putting this slogan together.


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