Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chris Singleton Debuts On Baseball Tonight, Surprisingly Doesn't Suck Too Bad

Royals....and the White Sox....tied....four to the top of the sixth....Holy Shit was Singleton awful on the radio. His pauses were awkward, his insight horrible, his ability to carry on a conversation with Farmer: fucking god awful. Yet with the infinite wisdom over at the 'Leader, they hired him immediately. Amazingly, Singleton hasn't left me with much to take issue with thus far. I watched the entire program on Sunday night, and while he seemed to pick and choose when to come up with a "dynamite drop-in, Monty" he did alright. I guess when you only have to hear little snip-its of him talk, it's not too bad.

Stone and Farmer have been a good listen thus far. Stoney provides actual insight and tells you what to expect, which is the exact opposite of Singleton's style of speech/thought. While "analysts" like Emmitt Smith will make Singleton seem like the voice of God, I'm still not sold on him in Bristol. Just wait until they have him do some work on their left field fundamentals desk. Next thing you know, you'll be hearing more of....when you lay down a want to grab the bat....and put it....on the ball.

Kudos to 670 the Score for making Sox games listenable again. Now if Comcast could just find a way to kill DJ. This stupid fucking nickname "O-Do-Tel" makes want to strangle a homeless beagle. So I ask you: who's worse, Singleton or DJ???

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