Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fuck Fuck Fuck

Welcome to my new column when I get severly pissed off when the White Sox lose called Fuck Fuck Fuck, staring yours truly, Dr. C. Most of these columns will be fueled with complete fucking anger towards someone on the Sox with Miller Lite and other alcohol additives contributing. This blog was started in September of aut seven (I'm a fan of the aut, don't like it? GO FUCK A DEAD DONKEY RIDDLED WITH SALMONELLA AND BITING GNATS). That said, GO FUCK YOURSELF BOONE LOGAN YOU COCKSMOKING, NO BALLS IN BIG SITUATIONS HACK. FUCK FUCK FUCK. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THROW COMPLETE BULLSHIT TO THE SHIT ASS HITTERS OF THE AIDS-RIDEN ORIOLES????!!! UN-FUCKING REAL! Holy shit. Bobby Jenks needs some the blame for blowing a 5-3 lead, but it's bound to happen (FUCKIN' AJ, HOW DO YOU NOT TELL HIM TO THROW FUCKIN FASTBALLS TO MORA WHEN BRIAN ROBERTS JUST LIT HIS ASS UP FOR A CURVEBALL?!) FUCK FUCK FUCK! Anyone who tells me to fucking calm down for them being 9-6 with 151 games to go does not qualify themselves in my book as a true diehard Sox fan. FUCK FUCK FUCK! If you gave me your pet kitty to pet right now I would fucking clock in the face until I heard a satisfying death moan. Not a meow, a fucking mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. With your first FUCK FUCK FUCK post, and probably many more to follow, this is Dr. C...really pissed off and probably hating myself tomorrow morning when I read this at work because I continued to polish off the rest of the Miller Lite case I split with Noce this past Saturday night.

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