Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pitching a Perfect Game Is a Daunting Task, Work Will Have To Wait

I'll be honest: this game is really not that fun. But once you get about 6 outs away from the throwing the perfect game, it's not about fun anymore. There's no more fucking around. It took me 5 months of off and on playing to finally record 27 outs. I remember jumping up at my desk, and my boss thought I landed a huge deal. When I explained to her I finally pitched a perfect game, she said: So that's going to help you hit your quota? No you dumb cunt, did you hear me? I don't think you did. I just got 5 fucking months of frustration, anger, grief and anguish off my back. So go suck a dick. Of course she instead had a banana because she was/still could be a virgin.

If you're board, give it a try. You have 4 pitches at your arsenal: Fastball, Sinker, Knuckle and Curve. The Knuckle is a bitch that always ends up at some point in the seats, so use it sparingly. My boss might be gone for awhile, so I would expect so more posting from here over at least for the course of the week. That is all, and DJ still make want to hunt down a fucking beagle.

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