Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mark Cub-an To Visit Wrigley Tonight

With no more playoff basketball to worry about, it appears that Douchebag Extraordinaire Mark Cuban will be heading to Wrigley tonight to curse watch the Cubs and Brewers. Since it appears that Tribune Owner Sam Zell is leaning towards a deal to sell the Cubs to the state, I don't really think it matters what bullshit the dummy tries to pull by heading to the game. He'd probably make a good owner in terms of treating the players right with all the nice amenities and such, but have you seen what he's done with the Mavericks? Jack fucking shit, that's what. Who really gives a shit if they go to playoffs every year? They never get anywhere (but if you think about it, that would be perfect for the Cubs fans since they're so used to it; he's the perfect potential owner!). I don't think thats a direct indictment on Cuban, but at the same time he keeps trudging the same old bullshit out on the court to disappoint season after season. If want to get somewhere other getting your ass handed to you by New Orleans and Golden State, do something about it. Firing Avery Johnson doesn't solve much. Maybe he could give Jim Boylan a call...Anyways...

How much you wanna bet if they announce Cuban being at the Cubs game that the Wrigleyville crowd starts screaming his name and cheering? Just like they did when I was on my way to Sluggers last year and everyone was chanting Jason Kendall's name after the game was over because they had just acquired him in a trade. Seriously, how did that turn out? And while were betting, how much you want to bet some more these pictures turn up after he leaves the game and heads to Red Ivy?

This chick could give a dog a bone..keep it cool, Mark...think about chairs or something

Giggity Giggity Giggity..heh, allllright

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stalkingerinandrews said...

Family Guy references are awesome.

I felt guilty once, but she woke up halfway through.

Especially Quagmire.