Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Frustrated Faces of Tiger..Thoughts Included

After hopping on CNNSI.com as I usually do each morning, I couldn't help but notice under the photos section "Frustrated Faces of Tiger Woods". Yes, the bell starting ringing immediately in my head...This will be a combined effort.

Noce: "If I don't make this fucking birdie putt, Elin's getting in her ass tonight."
Dr. C: "Of all the rotten times to shart...why now?!"

Noce: "You must be this tall to blow me."
Dr. C: "Do you see what happens, Larry?! Do you see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?"

Noce: "Goddamnit, I knew these mock turtleneck things make me look gay"
Dr. C: "A hundred and seventy feet to the hole? Fuck me running!"

Noce: I have to work..I'm not doing this anymore.
Me: Thank you for your three quote contribution. Looks like I'm going solo here
Dr. C: "I give up...maybe the world really does need ditch diggers, too."

Dr. C: "Christ Mickelson, can't you wait two more fucking holes to get Nachos in the clubhouse..I mean look at your shirt."

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