Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Apparently Being In First Place Is Not Enough

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In life, I think one of most important things is to be modest. While it's good to have high expectations, you should understand that sometimes things don't work out like you want them to. Did I want to be a all-pro runningback at the age of 11 and play in the NFL? Sure I did! What happened that year? Some little prick from Carol Stream broke my fucking femur on a counter play. End of NFL dreams for Dr. C.

I mention this story to you because before this season began for the Chicago White Sox, I was cautiously optimistic. I knew bringing in Nick Swisher and Orlando Cabrera would make the team better, but good enough to win the division? Certainly not, I thought. Still, a better year than last year was all I hoped for. And to this point, I have not been disappointed at all. Here they are, 24-20 and in first place none the less.

Now, there is a flipside to this. There are certain people who are greedy. They like to believe that no matter what happens, there's always something that needs to be fixed. Two people that quickly come to mind: my ex-girlfriend and Kenny Williams. While the obvious physical comparisons go out the window fast, their mentality on life is one in the same. Here's what Kenny has to say about the season so far: For example:

"I can't stop thinking about what is now 10 [more] games we should have won," he said. "And I'm not talking about anything extraordinary, I'm just talking about playing the game the way it should have been played. The positive thing is we are where we are, but it is far less than where we should be."

Shit happens, Kenny. Move on.

"I guess it's better than second," Williams said. "Seriously, congratulations. But it's still far short of where we should be.

Maybe so, but this team was picked to finish where they did because of how they performed last year, and the fact that their old asses are getting older everyday. Start fucking enjoying this shit, Kenny.

That's why the picture above is up there. Has nothing to do with anything. I just enjoy it for what is. Now it's your turn with your product on the field.


Noce said...

If I wasn't so lazy I'd go in and take this down myself. You.Are.Gay.

Anonymous said...

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