Thursday, May 29, 2008

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

If you've spent any amount of time reading this blog, I'm sure you're aware of how critical I am of all the shit that Kenny Williams does. From Todd (I thought a 6 ERA was a good thing) Ritchie and David (Feed my fat fucking face NOW!) Wells to David (well my work here after a month is done) Aardsma and Andrew (the no strike) Sisco kid.

But, the man also done many things right (ie Freddy Garcia, Scott Podsednik in 05'). The latest thumbs up? Carlos Quentin. A first round draft pick that didn't materialize in Arizona A guy who came in off of shoulder surgery that no one had in the starting line-up before spring began, let alone be in the top five of almost every statistical AL hitting category. Just look:

BA: 12th
HR: 1st
RBI: 2nd
OBP: 6th
SLG: 2nd
OPS: 2nd

I think you can account at least 7 wins alone because of Quentin. Outside of him, Crede's good start in April and Jermaine, you're pretty much looking at the same offensive production as the 07' White Sox all over again. Thome couldn't hit a beach ball right now and is 4th in the AL with 52 strikeouts. There's absolutely no reason for him to be in the line-up when the Sox are facing a lefty. Konerko's hand has been hurt, and can't do much of anything with it. New additions Nick Swisher and Orlando Cabrera haven't done jack shit. Juan Uribe is...Juan Uribe. The same piece of shit he has been in the past 3 years.

While I'm off on a tangent here, you know I'm sick of hearing? "These guys will come around..they're professional hitters."

Save me the guff, you fucking apologists. Konerko is on the down side of his career, and Thome is pretty much done. After this year, be rid of them.

Alright, where was I? Ah yes, Carlos Quentin is a fucking champ. Even though some of the White Sox scouts have been eyeing the team's bank account more then the talent, they definitely got this one right.

Kenny, as much as I get pissed off at you, and probably will again soon; hats off to you pal. Bravo.

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