Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Seriously? 15 Million?

Before I get started into this, let me ask you a question. In the dynasty era of the Bulls, do you give the last shot to Michael Jordan, or Steve Kerr? Granted it worked out in Game 6 of the 97' NBA Finals, but did the Bulls ever give Steve Kerr the most amount of money for being the best sharpshooter in the NBA off of the bench? Not a chance. Kerr didn't even make a mil a season until leaving after the second three-peat (copyright of Pat Riley, don't sue me).

Let me ask you another question. Who's more important to the Bears: Devin Hester or Robbie Gould?

Before yesterday, both were unhappy with their contracts. Both are vital members of the team. But let's be serious here.


There is not one person in the NFL right now who changes the special teams dynamic more then Hester. Period. How many foolish teams have said, "we plan it kicking it to Hester, our guys look forward to the challenge" only to get that mantra shoved up their asses 105 yards later?

How many teams as a result of what he's done in just two years make drafting kick-off returners in the second round seem logical?
Was there a "Robbie Gould rule" possibly being put in place by the NFL this offseason? If there was, Mort missed another one.

So then why are the Bears going to pay Curious George the highest contract for a kicker in NFL history while Hester sits pondering where his deal is? Are you fucking kidding me?

Jerry, I know you've had some bad draft picks when it comes to offense. I trust your thinking when it comes to the defensive side of the ball. I'm sure alot of people raised their eyebrows when you drafted a poor defensive back from the U with amazing special teams prowess at #57 of the 2006 draft. You proved them wrong, Jerry. You were ahead of your time on that one.

But boy, did you really get this one wrong. You just paid a guy 15 million which no one in the history of the league has heard of for a guy who sees 5-6 snaps in a game. A guy who your head coach does not trust beyond 50 yards. A guy who reminds me of Paul Edinger, who came before him, of same stature, and had one good year. You know where he is now, Jerry? He couldn't even crack the Chicago Rush's roster this season, buddy.

And on top of Hester, you have Urlacher bitching about his contract, and the future of your defensive Tommie Harris waiting to get paid. Instead of those three, you chose Robbie Gould.

I hope you know what you're doing, Jerry. Cause I have no fucking clue what that is.

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Mac G said...

The funny part is that if the Bears did not have average to below average offense and could actually score TDs instead of having to rely on FGs, the value of Robbie Gould would be substantially lower.

Devin Hester single handily won the Bears more football game than most players in the league. Dude needs his loot.

stalkingerinandrews said...

Agreed. Hester needs to be paid, Tommie Harris needs to be paid, and I believe Urlacher needs to be paid, although that one shouldn't be a priority this year. Robbie is important to the team, and he's a good kicker, but not "highest paid in the league" good.

Anonymous said...

i think they all are good players. they should all get paid. robbie is the most important weapon the we have on offense because we all know grossmen isn't going to score the points