Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Tuesday Links

Since I really don't have no original thoughts of my own today, here's some people who are a little more on their game. Let's start with fellow Illini and current NBA stud Deron Williams.

Williams and the Jazz destroyed the Hornets last night, setting a team record for three point attempts made. TrueHoop thinks it might have something to do with Williams getting left off the Western Conference All Star Team.

Eli won the MVP but Duece of Davenport makes a case for David Tyree as the Giant amongst men.

Our good buddy Stegosaurus is back from his dream cruise with his girlfriend, and it sounds like he managed to have a worse time than the slaves who work aboard the cruise ship. Welcome back Steg.

Everyone knows Paris Hilton is a rich, snobby pain in the cunt. Well, she might be starting to realize that now that 50 Cent kicked her gold-brickin' ass off his stage at a Super Bowl concert. Seeing her crying makes me happy and sad all at once...but mostly happy. (On 205th)

Did anyone hear the Bob Knight retired? Really, you didn't? Wow. You must masturbate A LOT. Here's Foul Balls' take on it, because I totally agree with him.

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