Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seriously Cubs Fans, You'd Rather Have Lieber Start Over Marquis?

So I was on ChicagoSports.com reading the different headlines when I saw today's poll question:

The top of the Cubs starting rotation is practically set with Carlos Zambrano, Ted Lilly, Ryan Dempster (yikes) and Rich Hill. Who's your choice for the fifth starter?

- Jon Lieber

- Jason Marquis

- Sean Marshall

To me, this seemed like a no brainer. You're talking about a guy who ate up 191 innings for you and went 12-9. Sure he games he got his ass handed to him; who doesn't? But the results surprised me:

LIEBER: 50.6%

MARQUIS: 14.5%


ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? MARSHALL ABSOLUTELY BLOWS!!!! I wouldn't even begin to think for a minute that Cubs' fans would seriously vote for that ass clown. That guys' curve ball is worse then mine. I don't of anyone who throws more meat over the plate. Here's a look at the last two years between Lieber and Marquis:


2006: STL: 14-16 194.3 IP 221 H 136 R 130ER 35HR 75 BB 96 K 6.02 ERA 1.523 WHIP

2007: CHC: 12-9 191.7 IP 190 H 111R 98ER 22HR 76BB 109K 4.60 ERA 1.388 WHIP


2006: PHI: 9-11 168.0 IP 196H 100 R 92ER 27HR 24BB 100K 4.93 ERA 1.310 WHIP

2007: PHI: 3-6 78.0IP 91H 44R 41ER 7HR 22BB 54K 4.73ERA 1.449 WHIP

When you breakdown the numbers, neither one really stands out abover the other, except for the innings and age factor (obviously not depicted above). Marquis is a horse, and only turns 30 this year. Lieber is entering his 14th season, and turns 38 in a little over a month.

If it were me as the Cubs fan, I would personally want Marquis to at least start in the fifth spot, and keep Lieber fresh for further on in the season. Well, I've made my case for Marquis; make yours for Lieber.

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stalkingerinandrews said...

Gotta be Marquis. But when you look at it, will Dempster be better than either Lieber or Marquis? Or should they have left him in the pen? Dempster's been solid as a closer, and would only make that bullpen better. Now that they've got a couple of guys to fill the end of the rotation, maybe moving Dempster up was a little premature.

Dr. C said...

I don't know where Dempster would be better served at this point; to be honest I'd like to see how he handles the starting rotation. However, what happens if/when he gets his ass shelled a couple times? How much confidence can the guy have being demoted on top of a few shaky starts? Seems like a slippery slope to me if things don't work out. Secondly, I agree with Marquis. Cubs fans have this golden memory of the 01' 20 win season, and that sure as shit ain't happening. I would be impressed if he even won double digits this year. Gotta be Marquis if he starts slow.

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