Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tiki Crashed the Super Bowl

After writing that Tiki was probably sitting in Roanoake, Va. watching the game and crying in his Sanka, it appears he was actually in Glendale, AZ reporting for the Today Show. Barber even interviewed Eli Manning, even though you could tell he was clearly hating his life while asking Manning how it feels. Manning was his usual "aw shucks" self, and I thought it was funny that he really didn't even look at Barber in the face. Barber, dressed like he just did a commercial for The Gap, had to get in some cheap shots saying the season was "tumultuous" and sounded like he was holding back tears throughout almost the entire segment.

Tiki also interviewed David Tyree and offensive lineman Rich Seubert, who seemed to love the fact that he was rubbing in their victory while all Barber could do was beg him for an interview. Poor Tiki.

So Eli goes from Grossman-like status to joining his brother as the MVP of the Super Bowl in one year while Barber got everything he wanted, except a Super Bowl Ring. And the people say the Patriots were the ones who had karma come back to bite them in the ass.

Also, at 6:01 Meredith Vieira gets a nice little cheap shot in on Tom Brady, posing the question to Tiki wondering if Gisele went home with Eli. I like where you're head's at Meredith, wanna come help us out with some jokes?

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Gepetto said...

People have GOT to stop comparing Elie to Grossman. Elie is younger, more consistent, HEALTHIER, and generally more efficient than Grossman.

I thought we covered this:

Noce said...

Who the fuck is Elie? I'll have to check but I'm pretty sure that's not how Eli is spelled bro. Eli's kind of a mama's boy but it's not to the point where he'd spell his name like the god damn mission from Deep Impact.

aa said...

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