Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let's See How Good Greg Walker Really Is...

If you're a fellow Sox fan such as myself, you know how hard it was to watch last year's team suck at life. Fuck, they couldn't do anything right after reaching 27-24. Well, Kenny's gone out and made some good off-season moves, and one of the players I'm most interested in watching this year is Jose Contreras' newest Banana Boat buddy, Alexei Ramirez. Probably my favorite Sox blog, Sox Machine is in Tucson providing us with a brief glimpse at Ramirez:

Granted, it's him drawing a two out walk; but Jim wasn't kidding about his looong ass swing. Kinda reminds of my swing back in the day (I was a good pitcher and fielder, but had to leg everything out because I had no pop). Well Greg, the Sox offense had the worst run production and batting average in the AL last year, and now it's time to see what you're really made of. Walker, or Sweet as he was known along side Ron Kittle (Swat) played 9 season with the South Siders, with his best production coming in 85' when he 24 HR's, 92 RBI's, and batted .258 (Paul Konerko aproves of these numbers: 07': 31HR's, 90 RBI's, .259). However, the guy is the owner of career .326 OBP. Not exactly earth shattering shit, here.

He's tinked with plenty of players swings, from Thomas to Tadahito. Now let's see if you're really worth your contract extension you signed in 2006, buddy. Nicky Swish-a-licious and Orlando Cabrera will defintely help the numbers out, but players like Ramirez, Jerry "Fuck I popped out again" Ownens and Carlos Quentin are going to need to step up where Ryan Sweeney, Brain Anderson and Andy "Where did the damn ball go?" Gonzalez did not.

Despite the fact the Tigers and Indians are the acknowledged favorites in the Central, I'm really excited about this team and the upcoming season...mostly because I'm sick of watching a shitty Bulls team and the fact the Hawks probably won't make the playoffs. But none the less, I leave you with...WHITE SOX, WHITE SOX, GO GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!! (PS If you're a Sox fan and you don't get excited for April singing along, never read this website again..ever)

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