Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Back From the Dead...And The Hawks Are Too?

Yes friends, the Doctor is in fact alive. I haven't been around rape/blogosphere after being infected with I would consider the 28 weeks later virus. I had a fever of 104 on Wednesday which sent me seeking fellow practioner advice. Sitting in the ER for 2 hours before getting seen along with plenty of illegals does not a good day make. Anyways, enough bitching. I'm back to full force, and apparently I'm not the only showing signs of life lately. So when did the fucking Hawks decide scoring goals early and often is actually a good idea? I havent been watching the past couple games, but with scores of 7-2, 6-1, and 2-1, I'm liking what I'm seeing. There's no doubt Johnny Toews is apart of what's happening since returning, but that Byfuglien character has been playing lights out. After milling around the old internets, I see the Hawks are even trying to lure Peter Forsberg out of the woodworks with a 3 year possible deal. Good and Good.

Well, there's not shit going on outside of that. I would comment on the Daytona 500, but I doubt anyone gives a shit about that outside of me and one of my buddies, so I'll spare you the report. Although I will say Ryan Newman fucking blows. Kinda reminds me of Baby Huey meets Matt Painter's retard cousin. Also, quick note to one of our favorite readers/commenters Stalking EA, I will post the submission for ESPN Member Douchebag you sent us very soon. Even if it is about 3 weeks later on. The way I see it, better late then never!

We'll have some Spring Training shit for you soon, though I doubt we even need to comment on the Cubs. Let me do theirs real quick. They start slow, every Cub fan in Chicago bitches. They come back with a good May-June, lead the division. Everyone wants to blow each other. They make it to the playoffs, actually win their first series only to get their sorry asses handed to them by the Mets. 101 years and counting. Wait til 09' starts immediately thereafter. Did I forget anything?


Mac G said...

Sori wins MVP. You heard it here first.

aa said...

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