Friday, February 8, 2008

Report: Beer Is Good For You. As Is Marisa Miller

Two of my favorites in the world; Marisa Miller and Miller Lite: Good Call. Anyways, with one of the two going in my mouth tonight, I thought I would pass along a report I saw on channel 7 last night that I have always expected why I have lived as long as I have thus far. According to Sylvia Perez's report:

Hops contains a compound called xanthohumol that may protect against cancer.
"One way in which Xan might prevent cancer is to stimulate cells to protect themselves," said Richard Van Breemen, Ph.D., Medicinal Chemistry UIC College of Pharmacy.

The health effects of xanthohumol weren't know until about 10 years ago. Now researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago are studying how it works and exactly how much you need of this compound isn't known yet.
"Xan content in beer is fairly low. Maybe not a medicinal level. So we are hoping to develop some botanical dietary supplements," said Van Breemen.
They're also looking at xanthohumol as a natural alternative to hormone replacement for menopause.

Other research finds it acts as a powerful antioxidant even more than vitamin E. The studies now churning out the benefits of beer seem to be covering almost every possible health aspect.

"Colon cancer, prostate cancer, menopause, skin care, type two diabetes, bone density cavity fighting ability and dementia," said Jason Ebel, co-owner, Two Brothers Brewing Co.

Dementia? I'm going to be dementiated tonight! So if you want to live longer, take the doctor's advice: Grab a case and get fucked up. But don't drink and drive. I don't need MADD on my ass.


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