Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Has It Really Come to This?

Not that long ago Bulls fans were talking about getting the best player in the NBA but John Paxson waited, and now he is fucked. He is so fucked he is going to probably have to trade with the worst team in the NBA and hope to somehow better his team. All I know is, Pax better so something, ANYTHING because he is going to really be fucked if he ends up getting nothing in return for Ben Gordon and (shudder) Luol Deng.

So much for the "character" guys that Paxson and Skiles were supposedly favoring over question marks like Zach Randolph and other rumored trades. All that shit has been thrown out the window now, about a year too late. The Bulls have enough problems with their current question mark players in Gordon and Ben Wallace, who they should immediately trade or we might wake up to find out that "The Body" is just that, a body lying dead in the streets of Chicago.

As far as I'm concerned Gordon shouldn't play another second in a Bulls uniform, he obviously has shown he does not want to be here with his "sprained" wrist. As for Tyrus, hey it sucks but the NBA is a business and he's just too much of a project for a team that isn't getting any younger and was supposed to go deep into the playoffs this year. Tyrus may turn out to be a solid NBA player but he's too inconsistent on both ends of the court.

So if this trade really works according to ESPN (and we know they're NEVER wrong), here's what the potential starting lineup would look like:

PG: Thabo Sefalosha
SG: Kirk Hinrich
SF: Quentin Richardson
PF: Zach Randolph
C: Joakim Noah

That looks like quite an upgrade with an actual low-post presence in Randolph and the promising recent play Thabo has shown. This is also assuming that Deng is going to be out for an extended period of time, which would allow Q to return to Chicago and add his chemistry with Randolph to help the Bulls mesh quickly with their new players.

Plus, this leaves Joe Smith, Andres Nocioni and Chris Duhon on the bench, which I believe is a GOOD thing because every one of those guys is a quality team player and won't bitch like a fucking baby about not getting the PT they deserve. Also, having those three guys on the bench plus guys like Aaron Gray, Collins and Adrian Griffin would have a mixture of young and old talent on the bench that could each provide key support in any number of roles.

Holy shit I can't believe I'm advocating a trade with the fucking New York Knicks. Hey, it worked out pretty well last time didn't it?

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