Friday, February 22, 2008

Would You Rather...?

Happy Friday, kids. I'm pleased to see our first installment of 'Would You Rather...?' has gotten some feedback. After posing the intial question, I've been pondering some more potential questions, when Noce posed a question to me which I've been thinking out, and I turn to you, our readers for your thoughts. I don't really care for Detroit or Cleveland as cities. In my humble opinion, they can both be hit with a contained strain of the black plague and would have no affect on my life (Sorry Isaac, nothing personal). Plus my ex-girlfriend has family in Detroit so it would almost be an added bonus. So with that in mind...





Let's start things off with a tale of the tape between these two baskets of human filth:


POPULATION: 918,849---------------------------------478,403

NICKNAME: Motor City-------------------------The Forest City (fucking lame)

DANGER RANKINGS: 1st------------------------------------10th

FOUNDED: 1701-----------------------------------1796

SPORTS: Lions, Pistons, Tigers, Red Wings-----------------Browns, Cavs, Indians

KNOWN FOR: Auto Industry----------------------------Steel/Manufacturing

Alright, enough with this bullshit. Let's get down to it. After spending more time then I cared to on Wikipedia, I found it funny that one of Detroit's sister cities is Basra, Iraq which is depicted here:

And now Detroit:

Hey, they really are sister cities! When it comes down to it, I don't give a flying fuck about the economic status or any of that shit, so let's compare sports quickly here. The Browns are looking respectable again, and even though I hate the Indians and their fan base more then any in the U.S., the Tribe are pretty damn good, and the Cavs are decent. Pretty good combo there.

As for Detroit, the Lions blow ass, the Tigers are the favorite for the World Series in the A.L. this year, Piss-ons are good, and the Red Wings (go fuck yourselves) are the best in the NHL.

I would say Detroit has the sports edge based on having an extra team to make up for the Lions. HOWEVER, I would like actually like to live long enough to watch my teams win, so I guess I choose Cleveland. There's no real winner here; just a mindless existance in two black holes of relevance. SO, WHICH ONE YOU GOT?!


Gepetto said...

As much as I would like to choose Detroit simply because that's RoboCop territory, I can't bring myself to root for the Red Wings. Ever.

Welcome to Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you love to have an ED-209 as your home defense? If I could have one for my house, I would choose Detroit instead.

Noce said...

I gotta say Detroit, even though Cleveland is closer to my hometown, Detroit is closer to Canada. With Windsor being just across the border, casinos and Labatts are everywhere to be found. Plus, there are some nice golf courses in the suburbs of Detroit.

theoriginaljd said...

First off I disagree whole heartedly that the Tigers should be favored for anything other then most overrated trade in MLB history this season.

Second - I'd rather live in Basra then Detroit so gimme Cleveland.

Mac G said...

Do you want to roll in shit or manure? Tough Call. Detroit is broken for good so give me Cleveland.

aa said...

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