Sunday, November 4, 2007

2007 Boston Sports > Chicago Sports

After watching the Patriots come back from a 10 point deficit today, it made me realize how much the 2007 year has sucked for Chicago sports fans. The Bears coming up short in the Super Bowl, the White Sox finishing well below expectations, and the Cubs making the playoffs only to get swept in the first round by the D'Backs. The Bulls are off to a 0-3 start. The sports nobody gives a shit about? The Chicago Fire are in the Eastern Conference Finals, and the Blackhawks are tied for third place at .500.

Let's review the bullshit we've seen this year.

2006-07 Bears: After finishing the year 13-3, the Bears went into the playoffs with a bye, eventually facing the Seattle Seahawks after kicking the shit out of them 37-6 in week five. Robbie Gould kicked the game winner in overtime to send the Bears into the NFC Championship game against the Saints. After Reggie Bush took a Drew Brees pass 88 yards to the house, making it 16-14; I thought the Bears were in deep shit. They went on to win 39-14, and thus bringing us the Super Bowl. When Hester took it to the house, I thought this could actually happen. Not so much.

2006-07 Bulls: The same thing they do every year; start slow, come back on, head to the playoffs, go home. This year was a little different with them sweeping the defending champs. After that, not so much again.

2007 White Sox and Cubs: The Sox had a 90 win season the year before, and the Cubs started spending money to show they actually about the product on the field. The year began with alot of hope and expectations on both sides of the city. At one point, the Sox were 27-24. That was the end of anything positive I had to say about the season. The Cubs on the other hand were given the gift a Brewers team that choked harder then Mama Cass on a sandwich. Cubs win the N.L. Central, only to find out there was actually more games they had to play. Once again, not so much.

2007 Bears: Again, plenty of expectations. It felt like everyone in Chicago knew this team had unfinished business, and with all the great things we heard in the preseason about how the offense looked so amazing, we would be laying it up until January. Now, this team won't even be in discussions before December. The offense blows, Benson sucks, and the defense looks like the walking wounded out there. All we have now is excuses and talk of being overly satisfied. WTF. How are you satisified after losing the biggest game of the year? I don't think I'll ever understand, nor will any other right minded Chicagoan.

During all this futility, Boston has seen their baseball team win their second championship in the past 4 years, the Patriots are arguably the best team in NFL history to this point, and the Celtics have added KG and Ray Allen to possibly lead them to the NBA Finals. Bitter? Fuck yeah. The Bulls are off to an 0-3 start, and the Blackhawks don't appear to be anything for a while. The White Sox are going more backwards then they are forward, and college football doesn't really do it for me in a fan sense. It's going to be a loooong winter.

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idiot pats fan said...

hang in there, bro. boston is basking in the sun now and chicago is trapped in an over-turned port-o-potty but things can change in a hurry. i am savoring the flavor now but your turn will come back again one day and ill be ripping my hair out and pouring j&b down my throat.