Saturday, November 17, 2007

Week 11 Picks

I've been super busy at work lately so I decided to get blacked out last night to celebrate not having to wake up early. I accomplished this and then some, but I've been basically useless all day today - even too useless to sit and move my fingers around on a keyboard. This week's pick will be abbreviated because I have a party to attend tonight. Fuck you who actually care I know that nobobdy reads this shit I'm just going to keep doing this so I can brag to Dr. C that I'm smarter than him.

Miami @ Philadelphia: 27-13 Eagles

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta: 23-20 Buccaneers

Cleveland @ Baltimore: 20-13 Ravens

NY Giants @ Detroit: 31-24 Giants

San Diego @ Jacksonville: 20-10 Chargers

New Orleans @ Houston: 27-24 Texans

Kansas City @ Indianapolis: 27-10 Colts

Carolina @ Green Bay: 31-10 Packers

Oakland @ Minnesota: 23-13 Vikings

Arizona @ Cincinnati: 30-20 Bengals

Pittsburgh @ NY Jets: 38-20 Steelers

Chicago @ Seattle: 23-20 Bears

St. Louis @ San Francisco: 24-17 Rams

Washington @ Dallas: 38-13 Cowboys

New England @ Buffalo: 24-20 Patriots

Tennessee @ Denver: 27-24 Titans

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