Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A mix of random thoughts, From Your Doctor

When I promise to be accountable for my actions, I stand up to it. Of course, that rufies case with that hot 17-year old who told me she was 19 is completely different. But in terms of blogging, I'm a man of my word. I said I would post every night, and damn it I mean it, even if I am uncapable of driven a vehicle. Makes it more fun for you and I to read tomorrow morning. PS Every word I type I fuck up at this point, so if there's typos, bear with me, I'm doing my best. See, every Tuesday at this bar within 10 minutes of me, there's a Cricket Tournament (Darts for all you shiteaters who don't know better). I fucking blow if I'm not wasted. If I have a good amount of alcohol in me, I can hold my own. Did I play tonight? Nope, I was actually watching Merry Christmas Charlie Brown when one of my friends asked me to go (Say all that you want, I have priorities around holidays mf'ers). So I went and here I am now, a couple pitchers and jack and cokes deep. Fuck if I care, I'm in training, and we don't do shit at this point. Where the fuck was I going with this? Who the hell knows, anyways, I think what I was aiming at was these points of my day in thoughts of sports today and what we encounter as men.

- THE PASSING OF SEAN TAYLOR: I'm not a redskins fan, but I am a fan of the U. Why? Who fucking knows, I just think Miami has the sickest bunch of guys who play the meanest defense every year, and I love it. Exactly why I loved Sean Taylor. The Meast killed people on the field for the 'Skins, just as he did for the U, and I don't give a fuck about what he did off the field. The dude was a champ on it, and I sorta feel how My Brain Says Rage does on the subject. It's weird to feel down about somebody you've never met. Steg and Ray, I'm with you guys. Terrible to see such a great athlete go down the way he did.

BROADS HOOKING YOU UP WITH OTHER BROADS: Sorry to switch so differently, but I'm going off of my thoughts as they come, so bear with me here. You know what's a bunch of bullshit? When Broads push another one onto you giving you a look like she wants to fuck you. It's one thing you tell she's into me, it's another when you give looks like yeah it's all yours and then find out they're fucking psychotic about their ex-boyfriend. Why the fuck are you sending me into the Malibu flames with a bottle of Evian? What do you honestly think is going to happen? Here's my questioning, and if you have thoughts, lay it on me. 1: You think you're friend will mesh well with me, but instead of going slowly, you have us fucking in the lion's lair with 5 minutes for our lives. Don't give me that impression and those fucking facial expression that I get to blow it on her face later. If you she's in, tell me, don't play the 25,000 pyramid with me, you fuck. 2: I forgot where I was going with this, but I'll improvise. The chick she told me to talk to pretty much all but cups my balls and ass at the same, then starts on the phone seeing what their ex-boyfriend is doing.

Let's sum this up: A: I've wasted my time when I could be drinking more or talking to other chicks, B: My friends think I'm a Dick Lawyer, which is a term we use for one of our friends who chases pussy after they're in an ambulance. I was going to put a C: option, but I've ran out of thoughts, and I have to get up soon. Anyways, I know it's a random post, but I promised something, and I hope you enjoy my randomness.

One final thing, I doubt you'll give a shit, but I too have split my artery in the leg. I had my Femur busted as a running back when I was 11. That really hit home for me personally to hear how it happened considering how much blood I lost too. Your body has 16 pints of blood, I lost 10 of them when the bone cracked into a y-shaped fracture. The good lord blessed me with a resurgence of my own blood rebuilding, and I hope nothing for the best for Sean's kid, his fiancee, and his family.

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