Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Give Thanks for the NFL, Food, and Nice Asses

Today I was on my normal walk from Union Station to where I work now, which is about a 30-35 minutes stroll through the loop. In this weather, it's not alot of fun, but anything beats the shithole of a building I was at before, so no complaints here. But today's morning treat was following behind this gorgeous blonde for a good 5-10, and she had an ass worth 10 years of jail for. Not saying I would go to such lengths, but just to give you a mental image of her nicely pear-shaped behind. So that's why I'm giving thanks for a new job that allows me to eyefuck random girls behinds. I'm also thankful for plenty of other things, none of which you give two shits about, so with that in mind, let's jump ahead to the turkey triple line-up:

Green Bay @ Detroit: These two teams have met 18 times on Thanksgiving day, with the Lions winning 11 of those contests, including their last meeting in 2003. However, the Lions have lost their last two games, and Green Bay is off to their best start since the days of Bart Starr and Ray Nitcshke. With that in mind, the Pack should have no problem with the Lions. 28-17 Packers

New York Jets @ Dallas: The rest of our schedule is either set up perfectly, or it's complete bullshit. Here's the two sides of the coin. You'll probably be eating anywhere in between 4:30-6:30, unless you're a terrorist, then you won't eat your goat until 9. You'll be fucking stuffed, and the lame ass game of Cowboys-Jets will be the perfect antidote to your Black Wednesday hangover. If you're not getting trashed tonight, I'm sure your goat will taste just fine later on that night. 38-10 Cowboys

Indianapolis @ Atlanta: If Bryant Gumbel is caling this one, don't even bother with it. It's not really worth watching in the first place, and his presence will make you want to consider trepanning. If you've never heard of trepanning, read the article, it's pretty interesting. 45-3 Colts

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