Friday, November 2, 2007

About Damn Time: SIU ranked 24th, Illinois Nowhere To Be Found

The first preseason AP poll has been released, and justice has finally been served in Carbondale. The Salukis has garnered a ranking of 24th, with Bruce Weber's no talent at recruiting ass Illini are nowhere to be found. I fucking love it. Since none of the major sites have the order listed, I'll go ahead and do that for everyone. Now, I know it's just preseason, and that list will change quickly, but it's nice to have SIU get the praise they deserve after sitting in the Illini's shadows forever. So take that, Noce. He'll probably starting babbling about at least we made it to the championship game, blah blah blah. Yeah how'd that one turn out? Not so good? Didn't think so.

1. North Carolina
3. Memphis
4. Kansas
5. Georgetown
6. Louisville
7. Tennessee
8. Michigan St.
9. Indiana
10. Washington St.
11. Marquette
12. Oregon
13. Duke
14. Gonzaga
15. Texas
16. Texas A&M
17. Arizona
18. USC
19. Arkansas
20. Kentucky
21. North Carolina St.
22. Pitt
23. Stanford
24. SIU
25. Kansas St.

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