Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Way To Go Wednesday

Damn is Megan Fox hot. I thought Transformers was pretty disappointing in my mind, but she sure as hell was not. Well, the firsts for WTGW keep happening. For this week's edition, no one is getting anything positive from Chicago Bull. Were handing out our first complete jagoff award after I just checked for the worst news of the week. After just reading this on the front page, my first Way To Go will be for none other then the White Sox GM:

Kenny Williams Re-signs Juan Uribe to 1-year deal:

Wipe that smirk off your face, you fucking prick; you just did the team the biggest disservice of the offseason imaginable. You could have gotten Eckstein over to play short, lead-off, and steal bases. He's a fucking World Series MVP in case you forgot, Ken. Instead, you sign a jackass back who barely hit .230, and couldn't get on base to save his dominican ass. I'm so pissed right now it's not even funny. There is nothing about Uribe that I like, or would any other right minded South Side fan either. I don't care if you get Jesus to play centerfield this year, you completely fucked this team over, pal. So WAY TO GO KENNY WILLIAMS, we'll have to see Uribe swing for the fences and miss another 200 times next season. Fuck, I can't wait. Next we head to:

Don Shula wants an asterisk if Pats go undefeated:

This is the second biggest joke of the week I've heard outside what's posted above. Do America a favor Shula, and shut the fuck up. Your 72' Dolphins only had to win 16 games to be undefeated. The Pats will have to win 19. If anything, it's your team that should be getting the asterisk. Way To Go Don Shula, your comments make a senile jackass!

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