Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No Kobe, No Championship

As the Boston Celtics easily defeated the Pacers last night 101-86, a sad but true realization dawned on me. Granted I was working on my 8th drink of the night, but when I woke this afternoon (fucking love not having work!) I remembered what I thought, and I still think I'm right. After reading Noce's column, I feel the complete opposite of he does, and I'll itemize that later on. But here's my reasoning. Boston would kill the Bulls in a playoff series. Detroit is still arguably better despite the Bulls having claimed their only victory this year off of them. That's two teams right there in a weak Eastern Conference. It all comes down to one player in the end, as basketball is the only professional sport that one can will his team to victory. THE BULLS NEED KOBE, AND KOBE NEEDS THE BULLS.

Sucks to think about, but it's the absolute truth. While the Lakers stumble their way through the winter months, Kobe is going to drive that team to trade him despite what value they should get in return. Paxson has seen this team get nowhere fast this year, be it the usual "slow start" or trade talks, contract negotiations, whatever. They're 1-5, and they don't look too fucking good. Think of Paxson as a lion who has been eyeing a weakling in a pack of Wildebeests. He's just bidding his time to pick it off. Here's my reasons for why the Bulls need Kobe.

- Celtics: After making the trades for Garnett and Ray Allen, alot of the so called experts on the Extra Sexual Party Network were still claiming the Bulls as the front runners in the Eastern Conference. As to why they werent claiming the Celtics: Depth. Certainly a good point, and one that can't be disputed. Ray Allen hasnt' played a full 82 games since 2000, Paul Pierce cares as much for defense as I do for ugly fat jewish girls, and Garnett has been carrying a team his entire NBA career. The likes of Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins would even leave Eddy Curry salvating (granted it doesn't take much to get that going). Nevertheless, the Celtics don't have to win 72 games. They could first in Eastern Conf. with 55. If that means giving Ray Allen the month of January to relive his Jesus Shuttlesworth days of fucking hot blondes, so be it. They've shown that this is their conference to lose. Look at what one single player has done to the Bulls (Cuttino Mobley, Rasheed Wallace). Now throw in two more who are capable getting hot.

- Teams who've won without a superstar: ABA 1975 Kentucky Colonels (anytime you can throw the Kentucky Colonels in, do it) 1979 Supersonics, 2004 Detroit Pistons. That's about it. It doesn't happen.

I'm sick of watching the Bulls go nowhere. I'm sick of people being content to say, hey, at least we made it to playoffs! WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK?! What fucking difference does it make whether they finish 6th in the Central Division or eliminated in the Conference Finals despite being a 6th seed? This team needs to win it now. Not next year, or the year after that. NOW. They already shown us they're not going to do it this year. Give me all the arguments you want. I will gladly bet against you and win. Trust me, I would love to see them win it all with the pieces they already have in place. But like they say, hope in one hand, shit in the other. 1-5 feels like shit to me.


Noce said...

"God only knows how many times would should the Bulls face in their own piss like a puppy going on the floor not knowing any better."

Did you come up with that sentence after your 8th drink last night? I'd fix it but I don't know where to start.

You did redeem yourself with the Jesus Shuttlesworth comment though. Good form.

Anonymous said...

That sentence has since been omitted. I think was still drunk from last night. However, rule 78: no excuses, play like a champion

With Malice said...

Who do you see the Bulls trading for to get Bryant?
Especially important now as the Lakers are anything but 'stumbling'...

Whatever your answer is, the reality is that whoever is left over + Bryant may well indeed be better than what you have now, but it's still not going to win the Eastern Conference.

I'd suggest waiting a few more weeks before writing 'what-you-have' off.
As the season wears on, so will Boston's big 3. None of them are exactly young, and all of them have many, many miles. No depth in beantown either. So if one of them does break down... stuff's not so bleak.
Still... other teams to contend with as well.

Noce said...

yes...finally someone who sees the big picture. scroll down for a different take on the Bulls this year...

stalkingerinandrews said...

the Extra Sexual Party Network

I know what radio station you listen too in the mornings. :-D

Yes, I agree that Boston will not go undefeated this year, in fact, I will go out on a limb and say that they will have a losing streak at some point. But for the Bulls to have a realistic shot at winning a title, whether it is this year, next year or the year after, Paxson has to trade for Kobe. If you have an opportunity to trade for the BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA, then you have an obligation to your team and your fan base to exhaust every option to make that trade a reality.

Yes, the Bulls can go to the Eastern Conference Finals with the team they have. They can even win the Conference Finals under the right circumstances. But they will definately not win an NBA title without a bona fide superstar. And if I'm wrong, I'll gladly stand up and take it.

I'm not a fan of off-the-court Kobe. When trade rumors were first spoken, that clouded my opinion, I just did not want Kobe in Chicago. But the more I read and listened to both sides of the arguement, I knew that off the court stuff doesn't matter. If he wants to come to Chicago, he sees something that makes him believe he can win here. And he's not stupid, he knows Pax would have to give up 2 or 3 starters, but he still wants to be here.

Just my $0.02 worth.

stalkingerinandrews said...

Holy crap that was long. Dammit, now people will think I'm a blogger. Just what I need, to sit on my couch all day, watching ESPN, drinking heavily at night...wait, where was I going with this?