Monday, November 5, 2007

NFL to Bears/Seahawks: You're Worthless

Like the Logos? I made them myself (no really, dipshit?). Anyways, it appears the NFL has used it's flexing muscles, as the Bears-Seahawks November 18th game that was going to be on Sunday Night Football has now been dropped for Bills-Patriots. The Bears-Seahawks game will now be switched to 3:15 on Fox. A few things cross my mind at this point. Number 1: Fox gets the leftovers...I find that hilarious. Number 2: The Bears and Seahawks have not been that interesting with Seattle losing yesterday to those upstart Cleveland Browns, which probably didn't help. Number 3: I don't blame the NFL considering how bad the Bears offense is, and Seattle hasn't been really effective either.

In terms of the game's crew, are Sam Rosen and Brian Baldinger really that much better then Michaels and Madden. I think not. Personally, I don't give a fuck who you put in there. As long as Benson is putting 10 carries for 32 yards, I'll be concerned with practicing voodoo on his doll. The Bears season has been a lot like hooking up with a chick that has Chlamydia (Not that I would know, I'm clean; knock on wood). At first, she's really hot, and you're sure this will be awesome. Then it happens, and you don't realize it. Now you're stuck with it, and it's not fun. In fact, it sucks.

God do I hope the Bulls figure their shit out. I'm in my own personal hell right now.

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