Monday, November 26, 2007

An Apology For the Last Week...

I've really just needed a break from blogging. There's been alot of bullshit in my mind on how I view what other sports bloggers perceive of each other, and to be perfectly honest, it's more fucking childish then the Wiggles. Yeah, those pole smokers. I can't believe all these people who think they're the next fucking Stephen King with their bitchin' novels, and to be honest, I just wanted to be done with this whole thing for a couple seconds. But, after taking a break, I've decided to continue on and focus my efforts towards this site, with of course my reports for Epic Carnival. Alright, I'm good to go, but one last word to all you douchebag fucksticks who think you're hot shit. Enjoy your 30 dollars of monthly revenue on your lastest Mascara products, you talentless Home Depot night shift managers.

Moving on, I would like to reaffirm to those of you who have been typing us in, or coming through differents sites such as 670 the Score to inform you that I am officially back in full force, Monday through Friday, and if I feel like it, something randomly on the weekends. Fuck, it's great to be back. Since Noce and myself have been useless, let's fill you in on the shit we've been doing since our time off.

- I lost my ATM card last Saturday on the way to Mickey's on Clark, and have had to assume the role as the local mooch to make ends meet until that fucker comes in the mail. I think Thanksgiving has fucked up the time process too, which absolutely sucks more dick then Michael Jackson in Toys-R-Us with the lights off in the store. Noce has notarity(sp?) for being a mooch. In fact, I have him a spreadsheet for money he borrows so I can track my shit (ok not really, but the more I see of him the more some future implementations have to be considered).

- Noce went to South Dakota to watch his one of younger brothers play hockey. The kid's pretty damn good apparently, I mean why the hell else would one move to South Dakota, other then to escape Jewish and Black people? (not a racist comment, but tell me how many goldstein's or william's you find in a local phonebook there..racist there? slightly). While he spent his time in modern communications hell, I myself spent most days either asleep or drunk. Now that's what I call vacation!

For those of you who have been checking in, thanks for sticking with us; unlike the Bulls we promise to come out of this funk.

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