Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Case of the Warm Beer

There are few things in life as bad as a warm bottle of beer. Luckily for us, a 22-year old kid from New Zealand named Kent Hodgson has invented a device that takes nasty, undrinkable warm beer and cools it in a matter of seconds. With a cooling capacity 4X that of ice, the 'Huski' has officially put "ice" aka frozen water on notice. Coolers too for that matter.

If only the U.S. had a legal drinking age of 18, like New Zealand does, this invention surely would have come to fruition sooner. Just reading how Hodgson explained how the device works makes me think of how stupid I am for not coming up with this myself.

"You have plastic cooling cells which are pressed down into the dock which houses the liquid carbon dioxide," Hodgson said. "The liquid CO2 expands and is pressurised into dry ice in the base of the cooling cells ... in a moment. You then pop it into your drink and then proceed from there as you normally would."

Remember kids, all it takes to be rich is one good idea. Like that guy who invented the pet rock - he made $1 million dollars - never had to work again.

Here's hoping that this Kiwi's device actually works and doesn't break, spilling toxic chemicals into the beer, thus rendering a seemingly normal drinker lifeless on the floor. I think I'll wait to buy one until Apple comes out with it's own version of the 'Huski' titled iCool.

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