Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Impromptu Live Blog?!?! Clippers vs. Bulls

It's my goal to do quite a few live Bulls blogs this season, so I figured by not announcing this I can kinda get a feel for it. I've live blogged baseball for Epic Carnival, and that wasn't too hard, but Basketball is up and down the floor, so we'll see how it goes. If it sucks, oh well. With that said, we pick up the action in the middle of the first quarter tied at 14 a piece.

Quick Notes heading into live action: Bulls have looked alot better so far in the first. Luol is attacking the basket more instead settling for bad shots. Defensively they seem to be playing more with more help on the weak side which is nice to see.

- Joakim Noah is getting ready to check in, lets see how the crowd responds..a few cheers, but nothing special

- Tyrus Thomas is fucking useless around the hoop. I don't understand how he thinks he has the little baby hook he keeps trying to use. Fuck Noah might be worse. Bulls currently lead by 2, 18-16; timeout

- Cuttino Mobley is killing the bulls in the first quarter. He's not missing. The guy has to be pushing mid-late 30's.

- Chris Kaman makes those dudes from the Cavemen show look like chippendale dances. He is one ugly muthafucka.

- Kirk Hinrich so far only one stupid foul. Amazing. I pegged him for at least two by now. It's the end of the first quarter, tied at 26.


See? Kaman would be a perfect fill-in.

- Joe Smith continues to knock down the 20-footer consistently this year. As I mentioned before in previous posts, I really hope he can stay healthy. It's an added dimension for the Bulls to drive and kick out with Gordon and Hinrich.

What the fuck just happened? I'm on the phone for not even 5 minutes, and the Bulls are now down 6. Fuck. Stacey King just showed a replay of Thabo with his head up his ass not paying attention, which allowed Al Thorton to easily lay it in. Noce hates when Stacey King does his "freeze it!".."Ok now roll it". I don't really have a problem with it. But then again, I've grown up listening to Hawk Harrelson say so much dumb shit that I don't even notice anymore.

- Cuttino Mobley continues to rape the Bulls. In the pregame they mentioned Corey Maggette alot; I haven't heard his name once. Clippers just went on a 13-0 run before Deng just got a lay-in. This team just went from looking good in the first quarter, to back to the team I've seen the past three games lose. Holy shit, Mobley has 21 points and there's 6 minutes left in the second. un-fucking-real.

- Hinrich looks lost trying to figure out Mobley, so he goes back to his best friend, the hack.

Fuck, Smith just walked off the court and into the locker room. Hope in one hand, shit in the other. Nocioni hits a three, and Tyrus Thomas? leads a fast break to Wallce for the finish, Bulls are getting back in this one quickly. The score is currently 49-43 with a little under 4 minutes to go. The Bulls cant hit shit from beyond three. Nocioni is the only one who's made one thus for.

- Darren Williams from the Clippers looks like one of the following: A: Peder ass, B: gay sailor, or C: Altar Boy who has been touched inappropiately several times. Either way, he sucks at life.


- We have a Corey Maggette sighting; he misses both free throws. They just showed his parents on screen as he went to Fenwick High School. I could really give a fuck about his parents. Why am I seeing them? I would rather see fat chick blowing a clown at this point. Actually no, scratch that. I fucking hate clowns more, and the fact that one of them would be getting blown while sitting here typing does not a happy doctor make.

- Ben Wallace has a wide open lane down the middle, and the dumb fuck doesn't dunk it; he tries to finger roll it in and chokes. WOW. You're getting paid 60 million to play defense and dunk the ball you fucking incompetent doobie. Not try lay-ups and other fancy shit you're obviously incapable of.

The half ends ugly; Wallace gets an offensive board, and once again tries some circus shot that comes nowhere near the hoop. Lets review what've we talked about so far:

- Cuttino Mobley sold his soul to the devil for one last shot at a thirty point game in his late career, and Satan has accepted the offer.

- Whoever Darren Williams is, he was most likely touched several times in the naughty area by his priest, dressed as a gay sailor for halloween this year, and molests children as a result.

- Hinrich has two fouls, both terrible. Thomas and Wallce are like that Indian girl who has 8 appendages. Worthless.

- I fucking hate clowns.


I'm getting a good idea of how to go about this in the future, so stay posted; I'll be sure to announce something soon which will have an audience of Me, Noce, and random Jennifer Walcott lovers who stumbled on here probably thinking about jerking off.


Hey everybody - Noce here. Speaking of jerking off...I think that's what Dr. C is doing right now because he sure isn't contributing anything here. If you haven't been paying attention, you haven't missed much. Stacey King and Red just had a very confusing argument about Joakim Noah's chances of making the NBA All-Rookie team.

Haha, sorry I was jer...I mean I was having a cigarette.

Anyways, I'm here for the rest of the game, so have no fear.

- Thomas knocks down two free throws, and the Bulls get a steal leading to a Gordon lay-up...COME ON FUCKERS, LETS GO!!!!!

- Skiles calls a time-out after Kaman knocks down a 5 foot baseline shot, and the Clippers go back up 6. Everytime they get close, they find a way to give the ball up and let the Clippers stay ahead. This is more aggrevating then the fact Archuleta gets to fuck that broad above.

- A foul call that didn't go against the Bulls? Now that's some fucking news. Some Comcast sideline douchebag interviewed Maggette's parents, and it was fucking awful. This guy makes Jim Gray look reputable.

- GREAT JOB COMCAST!! During a stupid ass replay, Hinrich scores and I have no idea what happened.

Motherfuck, how many times do the Bulls have to choke away any chance they get to tie this shit?

- Question: Why does Ben Wallace, a professional athlete, never have to practice or attempt free throw shooting? He looks like a kid with down syndrome who gets to shoot for the fact of his disability. I'll be pondering that question as we head to a timeout, CLIPPERS 70, BULLS 69 with 3:49 left in the third.

- Glad to see Joe Smith is back on the court. On the floor currently is Hinrich, Gordon, Smith, Noah, and Deng. Game is tied at 70, and Hinrich, yep you guessed it, gets called for an offensive foul.

- Son of a Bitch, Noah tries a jumper from 15 and can't hit. I don't think he's scored tonight. Overall, he's shown he can be a good hustle player, but he really needs help on the offensive end. He, like Thomas should be shooting 200 times a practice to start to develop something that can complement what the Bulls do.

- THANK YOU FOR SHOWING UP LUOL!!!! Deng knocks down two jumpers in a row, and the Bulls finally are back in the lead by two. 20 bucks says Mike Dunleavy has ED. He just has the look in face right now if that if he could finally have sex with his wife, alot of wrongs in his life would be righted.

- I didn't even realize Paul Davis was drafted by the Clippers. The guy was a pussy at Michigan State, and an even bigger one now. Ruben Patterson, the consistent criminal scores before the end of the quarter, and the Bulls head into the fourth down by two. The hustle is there; they just need to make the most of every opportunity right now. If they go 0-4 I might piss blood tonight.


There was a commercial for the WWE, and the first thing that popped in my head was Stacy Keibler. If I only I had her walking past me with a brick in my hand during a dark night. Anyways, back to the action.

- Joe Smith knocks down some free throws, and the Bulls lead by one. Noah caught an inbound with two seconds on the shot clock, and took four to put it up. KNOW HOW MUCH TIME YOU HAVE LEFT JACKASS!!!

- Thabo Selfolosha shooting jump shots excites me as much as my first child being born with no fingers.

- Duhon does a nice job of getting to the charity stripe, and hits both, BULLS 78, CLIPPERS 75...we have a time-out..WHERE? on the court...OH (SHOUT OUT TO SIU)

- Great statistic put up by Comcast; 2nd Chance Points: Bulls 19, Clippers 6. Man have the Clippers gone ice cold in the second half. Seems like they can't hit anything right now. Johnny Red Kerr comments the Clips are 1 for 6 from 3-points in the second half.

- Joe Smith is the offense right now for the Bulls; they're just giving him the ball and going nowhere near him. 13 points, 5 boards in 20 minutes. What's pissing me off at the moment is both teams are just settling for bad jump shots. They seem to trade possession after possession.

We have a one point game at the 5:38 mark, 82-81 BULLS. Joe Smith just got fouled; hits both, BULLS up again by 3.

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!! Wallace was guarding Kaman, got his hand in on the ball for three seconds, and instead of calling a jump ball, the jackass ref calls a foul. COMPLETE BULLSHIT


- Gordon gets blocked by Kaman, leads to a Maggette dunk, and were all tied up with 2:20 left in the game. FUCK!!!!! Maggette hits a three on top of that, and the Clippers are now up by 3. Damn you Corey Maggette for lying in the weeds until the end of the game.

- Tim Thomas misses a three, makes a beautiful behind the back save out of bounds to get it back in; Mobley continues his pillaging of the Bulls. This is not looking good. 94-89 CLIPPERS with 59.7 seconds left. The Bulls have been throwing up complete garbage. Hinrich, seriously what was that weak ass lay-up?

- Maggette throws up a three, it rims in and out, Smith with the rebound, immediately calls a 20 second timeout. Stacey King is already making excuses for the Bulls, saying they played better tonight; yes they have, but they choked away plenty of opportunities to take this game and run away.

- Gordon throws up a three and bricks. 30 seconds left, and Cuttino "The Cat" is at the line. Makes his first, game pretty much over. Misses the second.

- Gordon goes to the line, hits two free throws, Bulls immediately foul on the inbound. Gordon takes 8 seconds to lose the handle on the ball, and the Bulls are now 0-4.


If you happened to catch any of this while it happened, I thank for you joining in. I will most likely be live-blogging the Pistons-Bulls match-up on Thursday; so if you happen to take a look at this tomorrow, join us. Because I would enjoy more people being pissed off at the lack offensive prowess Tyrus Thomas possesses or how Luol Deng has yet to show up outside of two jumpers today.


Noce said...

i would love to see stacey king on one of those "world's craziest police video" shows. he can make even the simplest pick-and-roll seem complicated by using his all powerful "freeze it" and "go ahead and roll it" commands

Noce said...

this just in: cuttino mobley is their entire offense why aren't you guarding him?

Anonymous said...

The fucking guy can't miss...what the hell happened to maggette too? I just saw him on the court for the first time, but he hasn't done shit

Noce said...

maggette's probably nervous as hell because he's from chicago and all his baby's momma's know exactly where he is and is within bus route distance

Noce said...

make the deal to bring elton brand back now...give up tyrus, ben wallace and duhon for brand and mobley

Noce said...

skiles should revoke ben's headband until he stops allowing people to jump over him on the offensive boards

Anonymous said...

I couldn't imagine having Elton Brand back...I miss #42, especially after watching Thomas drag his terrible ass all over the court, throwing the ball away any chance he gets. He's like the black version of Bill in basketball.

Noce said...

i apologize to anyone who may have accidently stumbled upon our blog...my partner may claim he is a doctor but really he can't figure out the time zones...if he doesn't come back i'll be more than happy to finish off where he started.

Noce said...

holy shit mobley missed a shot

Noce said...

giving the ball to ben wallace with four seconds left in the shot clock is about as smart as letting michael jackson babysit your kids

Noce said...

bears do that timeout shit too jerk...btw did you see how TBL mistook SIU for ISU today? they actually put Illinois State Basketball as one of their preseason top 20 teams...hilarious.

Anonymous said...


Noce said...

i'm almost glad i haven't been able to watch the 2nd half since my roomate came back in and forced me to watch the central michigan vs. western michigan football game. the bulls close worse than the assholes on that awful VH1 show you watch Dr. C

Anonymous said...

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